Employee engagement & Performance


The Human Resources Department of the Centre Hospitalier Luxembourgeois wanted to set up a programme to listen to all employees in order to obtain a precise diagnosis related to staff satisfaction, well-being and engagement.


Support in internal communication to announce the completion of the study. Study administered via an electronic questionnaire. Sending of surveys by the customer.

  • Adhesion and notoriety of the hospital center’s major projects
  • Adherence to values
  • Measuring satisfaction and stress levels
  • Analysis of individual and collective performance
  • Measurement of engagement and typology of employees
  • Identification of the level of well-being and 4 levels of alignment
    • personal alignment
    • alignment with colleagues
    • alignment with the direct supervisor
    • alignment with the organisation
  • Suggestions from employees via open question


Dashboards highlighting the actions to be put in place to improve the hospital’s performance at the global level and according to the different care units