The use of reused materials in construction


Retrival is a cooperative company engaged in the circular economy and more specifically specializing in selective deconstruction. Retrival aimed to conduct a study to identify sector development opportunities and the target audience to promote the use of reused materials. This study also allowed to assess the performance of their Cornermat platform.


Two main areas were chosen for this study.

The first aimed to gain a better understanding of the selective deconstruction market: current operations, relevant stakeholders, communication approaches, etc.

The second was dedicated to evaluating the Cornermat Platform: a comparison with other similar platforms, feedback on the experience with the platform, and suggestions for improvements.


Based on this study, Retrival was able to identify key profiles to target for its selective deconstruction activity. This study also provided them with an overview of the current state of the sector. Finally, the results allowed Retrival to optimize the CornerMat platform and refine its positioning to differentiate itself from existing offerings.