Our market research office in Belgium, in Wallonia.

Who are we ?

We are Listen, a market research and consultancy firm specialising in listening to customers, employees and citizens, in Belgium and elsewhere!

What we believe in !

Market research and the power of listening !

“Only if you listen, you can understand, you can connect to people and truly develop your way forward.”

We listen to understand not to reply. It is by actively listening to the individual that we can really understand the market and support you in the decision-making process and in the development of your strategies and action plans!

Listening to the market in Belgium, headphones listening to a heart

Founded in 2004, Listen is a firm specialised in marketing and human capital research and consultancy. For more than 15 years, we have been developing a wide range of expertise in the fields of listening, understanding and interpreting the voices of our various targets.

Our objective: to provide the most pragmatic guidance to the objectives you wish to achieve or develop, to challenge you and support you at all times in the decision-making process in order to make a difference.

Efficiency, excellence, energy and trust are more than just words : they are the pillars of LISTEN’s culture!

LISTEN is an independent Belgian market research and consultancy firm. Our human size allows us to act with the greatest flexibility and to provide tailor-made approaches!

In addition to size, the personal dimension is key. The majority of our customers are long-term partners, the result of a relationship based on trust and proximity.

We are able to build such relationships thanks to a team of experts and talented individuals, with an average of more than 10 years of experience each in market research.

And over the years, we have complemented this expertise by creating a network of complementary partners who are also specialised in the fields of marketing and human capital!

Types of people interviewed in our market research in Belgium

Our difference !

At LISTEN, we listen to people and study their behaviour, your target, in all facets of their life: whether they are a citizen, consumer/customer or employee.

​​Listen to the individual and lend an active ear to their needs, fears and expectations for the future. Always better understand your target, that’s what we do with passion, on a daily basis!

We connect consumers/customers with brands, employees with organisations, citizens with society and brands with citizens. ​

Looking for a market research firm in Belgium ?

​Our desire : to understand your target, support you in making key decisions and guide you to make a difference, today and in the future !