Trends & Foresight

Listening to the driving forces of citizens who evovle according to the major changes in our society. The identification of hopes and fears with regard to the scenarios likely to materialize in the future.

Every year since 2007, in close collaboration with Wide, we have been identifying and quantifying the evolution of the major and global changes taking place in our society, as well as the level of support and rejection shown by citizens in relation to these societal movements.

Since 2018, we have also been qualifying and quantifying their expectations and fears about possible future scenarios. We use foresight techniques for this purpose.

In an uncertain and complex environment, predicting only one future, even if quantitatively proven, can prove disastrous. We have therefore developed proprietary methodologies to identify

  • the acceptance and rejection of citizens, your customers or prospects
  • their expectations and fears in relation to possible future scenarios


  • Active monitoring of global economic and social forces that are documented at the macro level and that have and will have an impact on society, institutions, the economy, the media and our personal lives

Societal trends

  • Identifying and quantifying the main drivers of emerging societal movements and how citizens embrace or reject these changes in our society.
  • Sectorising these changes in behaviour to enrich the profiling of your target and attracting new prospects
  • Refining your communication on the basis of citizen issues to which your targets are sensitive in their daily lives


  • Measuring the predictability of different future scenarios: political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal
  • Identifying your key targets’ vision of the future
  • Supporting the brand/company in the role it will have to play in the future
  • Analysing the evolution of these prospective scenarios over time to improve the predictive nature of your models and strategic plans