Customer & Brand

Listening to your customers/consumers or shoppers to generate insights, making your brand unique and bringing value to your customers!

Brand strategy

  • Generating consumer insights that will make your brand relevant, different and credible in the eyes of customers
  • Identifying the needs and the decision-making process as well as the reactions towards companies and brands
  • Provide a unique 5-dimensional profile, segmentation and personae to target investments and identify growth opportunities
  • Make your brand (or organisation) unique, with a different vision and positioning from those of competitorss

Communication strategy

  • Selecting, evaluating and refining the brand message
  • Measuring and understanding the effectiveness of communication

Customer & consumer strategy

  • Understanding the customer journey with a focus on the current and future needs of the consumer
  • Determining the decisive elements in the purchase/choice process
  • Evaluating the performance of the experience at each stage
  • Generating key insights to increase customer satisfaction and value
  • Identifying levers to improve customer experience and brand loyalty
  • Understanding the behaviour and attitudes of your prospects, customers and shoppers