Listening to the expectations of your targets in termes of product and service innovation to differentiate yourself!


Support for the launch of your innovative solutions.

Understanding the market

  • Measuring the impact of global, societal and consumer trends on your business
  • Targeting and segmenting your most relevant users according to categories
  • Analysing the different moments of consumption and identifying new opportunities
  • Understanding the emerging needs that are at the origin of these new moments of consumption
  • Identifying levers and barriers to tackle a new category
  • Positioning your product range in the competitive landscape in the short and long term
  • Detecting new opportunities to strengthen your portfolio
  • Testing your solution within your target group
  • Defining the ideal pricing for a successful launch
  • Accompany the launch of your new product or service

Concept creation, concept testing and Optimisation

  • Nurturing your pipeline of ideas, concepts, products and services in the short and long term
  • Evaluating, testing and prioritising your ideas, claims and visuals
  • Measuring the performance of different concepts in your market, with your customers or prospects
  • Validating the adequacy between your innovations and your brand’s DNA
  • Selecting the best performing concepts that create added value for your brand
  • Optimising the final selection in co-creation workshops

Consumer experience of product, packaging, services or applications

  • Enriching your current portfolio with high-performance products or services
  • Organising product tastings (at home and on site)
  • Analysing the real time usage of your product, service, application or website
  • Optimising the choice of your packaging (size, format)
  • Checking the shelf visibility of your new packaging
  • Checking the cannibalisation of a new product in the current product range