Human capital

Listening to your employees to increase their well-being, their perfomance and the success of your company! Identifying the strenghts and weaknesses of your organisation, your culture and the future expectations of your employees in order to anticipate or cope with change. 

Culture & values and Employer branding

  • Identifying the level of employee alignment with your company’s culture and values
  • Identifying gaps in perception between a new culture and new values
  • Implementing an employer branding approach to help you determine your brand’s identity and increase its reputation

Well-being, engagement & performance :

  • Evaluating the degree of well-being of your employees at work
  • Measuring the level of engagement of your employees
  • Measuring the perception of individual and collective performance
  • Obtaining line-up scores (individual, with colleagues, with direct supervisor, with the organisation)
  • Identifying the key elements in optimising these different alignments and the level of well-being & engagement

Stress & Resilience

  • Meeting the requirements of a psychosocial risk analysis
  • Evaluating the level of toxic stress among employees and the organisation

Change management

  • Evaluating and improving the change process in your organisation
  • Proactive and curative approach to the change process

Employee journey

  • Analysing the employee journey within your organisation (evaluation, identification of missing or faulty steps and measuring the effectiveness of the employee journey)