National Defence


La Défense-Defensie wanted to implement an employer branding approach and strengthen its image among the Belgian (active) population to attract new talents.

A major communication campaign programme has been defined and then rolled out. Listen has been selected to assess and monitor the employer branding as well as the efficiency of the different related communication campaigns for the years 2023 to 2026.


Through several surveys over the years, different indicators are assessed :

  • The evolution of the image of La Défense-Defensie as an employer ;
  • The internal identity of La Défense-Defensie ;
  • The evolution of the reputation Index ;
  • The assessment and benchmarking of the various communication campaigns (in-and offline).

Thanks to this long-term collaboration, evolutions between the different waves of surveys are directly identified and demonstrate the relevance of action plans and/or opportunities for improvement !


La Défense-Defensie is able to rely on the results of the several surveys conducted to :

  • Challenge or optimize the script, tone of voice and style used in the communication campaigns according to the different target groups ;
  • Identify the key drivers that directly impact their image or reputation ;
  • Identify and understand the opportunities for improvement to increase their attractiveness as an employer to their target audiences.