Brand & Campaign Monitoring


The marketing teams of the automotive group wanted to measure the evolution of the performance of their brand awareness and the impact of marketing campaigns and actions.


Representative study of the Belgian population (18+) – N=600

  • Post testing of key campaigns (4 to 5 times a year). ​​
  • Relation to category: Driver profile, purchasing manager, last purchase, purchasing intention
  • Brand engagement: Awareness, penetration, consideration, NPS, familiarity, brand image
  • Performance of campaigns: Advertising recall, brand attribution, brand recognition, evaluation, call to action. ​
  • Evaluation of brand media and competitors


Comparison against a benchmark based on more than 50 evaluations per type of media (radio, TV, banner, OOH,…) allowing solid and detailed external and internal comparisons. ​

Optimisation of campaigns based on the results of the monitoring.