Rossel Advertising : Specialist in French-speaking people – Poll Sud


Rossel Advertising has repositioned itself around proximity as a core value. To anchor itself in our regions, Rossel Advertising aims to become a leader in understanding French-speaking identities in Wallonia and Brussels. They want to understand the expectations, concerns and lifestyle behaviors of the French-speaking population, and become a strategic partner for advertisers.


The main objective of this study was to draw up a multidimensional profile of French speakers: socio-demographic, attitudinal and behavioral dimensions. A wide variety of themes and consumer sectors were addressed through the questionnaire, in order to obtain an in-depth view of the different expectations of French speakers.

This study complemented our partner WIDE’s expertise in societal trends.


This research enables Rossel Advertising to provide recommendations and opportunities to national and regional brands and advertisers. The information gathered helps guide their clients towards targeted and innovative marketing strategies to reach their target audience more effectively.