Voice of customers and employees


Since 2014, the management of Magotteaux and Listen have implemented a biennial study to identify the needs of Magotteaux’s clients and measure the company’s performance. Through this study, Magotteaux aims to identify improvement opportunities and the most effective means of implementing them.


This study is conducted globally and also includes an internal component to compare the internal perception within the company with the external reality of the clients.

The purpose of this study is to assess the overall performance indicators of the company’s clients (NPS, CSAT) and their relationship with Magotteaux in detail.

A part of the study is also specifically dedicated to the relationship with the Sales teams and the Customer Service teams.


Based on this study, Magotteaux was able to use customer segmentation to determine the main expectations of each customer and how they could best be served.
An action plan was also drawn up to provide Magotteaux with concrete ways of improving its customers’ experience.