Youth and their taste of risk


In its edition of October 10th, the magazine MOUSTIQUE made an article on young people aged 15 to 24 and their taste for risk. In this context, MOUSTIQUE has charged LISTEN, an independent market research agency specialized in marketing studies and studies related to human capital, with an investigation.

The results show that in general, parents underestimate their children’s risky behaviors, especially regarding unprotected sex, being the passenger of a dangerous driver or accepting an appointment with an unknown person via social networks.

The riskiest behaviors are the use of hard drugs, driving at excessive speed or under influence, and being the passenger of a risky driver. Risky behaviors vary greatly with age: young people aged 18 to 24 have more risky behaviors than 15-17 years olds. Drinking alcohol is considered the least risky for both young people and their parents.

When it comes to discussing risky behavior, parents are much more open to discussion while one young in three is not ready at all to discuss it with his parents.

8 in 10 parents trust their child(ren). Young people who feel this confidence are more aware of the risks associated with certain behaviors and less likely to smoke or steal and have fewer suicidal thoughts.

42% of young people say they have already tried smoking and 27% have already smoked cannabis. One in two smokers say they smoke because they need it. Parents, on the other hand, feel that their children are smoking to show off with their friends. Smoking only when drinking is more common among 18-24 years olds. More cigarette smokers report smoking cannabis daily.

4 out of 10 young people say that they never had sex, they are mostly young people in secondary school who still live with their parents. 3 out of 10 young people say they have had unprotected sex and of these, 4 out of 10 did not take any action after that.

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