Private life, professional life, sometimes a subtle balance

When the border between private and professional life is reduced

Border between private and professional life, what is left?

According to a study conducted by Listen, an independent research firm specialized in studies related to human capital, 42% of the active Belgian population is satisfied with its work-life balance. This overall percentage varies greatly depending to the age group: the study shows that it is the 55+ who are significantly more satisfied with this balance (61%). On the contrary, active people under 35 years old are only 34% satisfied.

It’s clear that there is a close link between stress and work/life balance. Among workers who are satisfied with their balance, we find 27% stressed people. On the other hand, among people who are dissatisfied with their balance, the % of stressed workers rises to 53%, which is double!

The observation is the same regarding the worker’s level of commitment… The more the work-life balance is respected, the higher the commitment to his company. Some figures: among those who are satisfied with their work/life balance, we identify 72% of motivated and committed people. Among people who experience an imbalance, only 19% are motivated or engaged.

These figures illustrate the importance that employers must attach to this balance, yet the border between work and private life seems to be drastically reduced as the survey reveals.

The draft law introduced last December by the Minister of Employment, Kris Peeters, supporting the regulation of sending e-mails after work hours makes perfect sense when this study shows us that 63% of the active Belgian population declares answering professional calls or e-mails outside their working hours!

However, despite this alarming figure, only 35% of these people feel that this negatively affects their private life.

On the other hand, 70% of them declared that they answer private calls of e-mails during their working hours. This percentage rises to 73% among employees and 39% of them recognize that this negatively affects their professional performance. This trend is strong for specific profiles.

The balance between private and professional life is therefore becoming a major issue in the management of human resources. Fortunately, levers exist to improve it and Listen is interested in this subject. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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