Do you want to know your consumers / clients / prospects better?

Do you prepare the launch of a product?

Do you have questions about your brand?

Do you lack valuable information about your market?


Feel free to insert some questions in our next omnibus!

(Web survey from a sample of 1000 persons representative of the Belgian population 15-64 years)


  • Why ?
    • Measuring KPI’s such as: Awareness, penetration, loyalty
    • Measuring potential of the market and its size
    • Identifying the target group profile
    • Confirming a concept, an idea, a visual…
    • Building your editorial contents (PR)


  • Results ?
    • Power Point report with general results and crossed by profile with graphic charts


  • Timing ?
    • 3 weeks all-in (From launch of survey to results)


  • Price ?
    • 750€ per question (700€ when 6th question)



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