Happiness at work

In its weekly edition, the magazine MOUSTIQUE made an article on happiness at work. In this context, MOUSTIQUE has charged LISTEN, an independent market research agency specialized in marketing studies and studies related to human capital, with an investigation.

The survey reveals that 40% of workers feel happy at work and only 2 out of 10 say they feel unhappy. Full-time workers and the self-employed are the happiest at work, manual labourers are the less happy workers.

The first motivation to go to work is to have a salary at the end of the month for 7 out of 10 workers. Women are more motivated by feeling useful and seeing their colleagues daily; men are more motivated to learn more every day. People living in households with 3 or more people are more likely to say that work allows them to escape from their personal lives.

The study shows that there are 3 important elements influencing job satisfaction: the meaning given to one’s job (56%), the salary (55%) and the accessibility of the workplace (54%). Women place greater importance on the proximity and accessibility of the workplace. The satisfaction of the happiest workers is strongly determined by their salary. The work environment and fulfilment are also crucial.

1 worker in 2 has a friendly relationship with his colleagues. “Happy” workers have a more family relationship while “unhappy” workers tend to maintain a strictly professional relationship with their colleagues. The relationship with the hierarchy follows the same trend.

For unhappy workers, the reasons for changing from job are: a better salary, more attractive benefits, a work closer to home, less stressful work, more flexibility and a better work atmosphere.

Finally, one worker in two aspires to more recognition for the work done and a quarter of active people said they suffer from the deadlines or performance expected from them.

If the work was not so related to the financial aspect, 24% would prefer a half-time job and 19% would even be ready to leave everything and change their career. Nearly one worker out of 4 has already dreamed of starting his own project.

Listen has developed a model to measure the well-being, the motivation and the performance of your employees. The model has been statistically validated by the VUB. Do not hesitate to Contact us for more information!