Family in question

In its edition of Januari 30th, the magazine MOUSTIQUE made an article on family and the relations between parents and their kids. In this context, MOUSTIQUE has charged LISTEN, an independent market research agency specialized in marketing studies and studies related to human capital, with an investigation.

The results show many differences in perception between the parents and their kids, particularly concerning the good functioning of the family. 75% of the parents have a positive view on the functioning of their family compared to only 50% of young people.

In general, parents tend to be more optimistic, they feel less tensions and they have more the feeling of spending time with their family. Politics, music and the future of the world are topics discussed within families. For the latter, 3 out of 10 young people think that this topic can lead to tensions.

Nearly 7 in 10 parents say they recognize themselves through their children while this opinion is shared only for 52% by young people.

The survey reveals that disorder is the main cause of tension for 45% of parents and young people. Then comes school and money.

90% of parents say they help their children financially and mainly for pocket money, education and clothing. This financial assistance seems to be noticed by only 3/4 of the young people.

Regarding the time spent with the family, 70% of parents say they spend moments together for at least once a week while only 52% of young people claim this. For 77% of the respondents, the main family activity is watching a movie or television, then come trips (cinema, theater, concerts, …) for 67% of parents and 52% of the young people. Walking is cited by almost half of adults and children.

The results also teach us that ¾ of the families are still going on holiday together and young people do not need to be convinced to leave with their parents! On the other hand, 44% report leaving with their parents out of habit or ease, while the same proportion of parents do not agree with this statement.

When it comes to family chores, everyone’s efforts seem to be underestimated. 76% of young people say they contribute to family obligations; but parents feel this is less the case (69%). Parents think that girls help more than boys and the tasks still seem to be gender related since girls are taking more care of cooking or washing and boys more of gardening.

On the other hand, more than six in 10 parents say they help their children for school. This opinion seems a little less shared by young people.

A large majority of parents (81%) are friends with their children on social media but few really control the online lives of their kids (21%). Only 14% of young people say they feel controlled online by their parents. On the other hand, 42% of the parents admit controlling the relations of their offspring in real life. This control seems to be felt only for 24% of the young people.

The results show that parents are much more open to departures abroad than their kids think. 68% of parents are in favor while only 53% of young people think their parents would agree.

Finally, the study reveals that the average age to leave the house is estimated at 24. Parents believe that boys will leave the house at the age of 25 and their daughters at 24. Young people estimate this to be at the age of 23.

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