LISTEN® has collaborated closely with Wide, a leading institute for societal trends, since 2006.

Wide developed the MASTERTRENDS® methodology to identify and follow leading societal trends that affect the population and to track any major changes likely to affect our society (today and tomorrow).

LISTEN® and Wide developed TREND’Profiler (2007), a unique trend-quantifying methodology to incorporate citizens’ expectations and behavioral trends in consumer and employee profiles. It will help you go the extra mile : the citizen profile of your targets (customers and/or human capital), both in terms of mass and upcoming trends.

  • Marketing issues: In addition to a detailed definition of your key targets (consumption/usage attitudes, sociodemographic…), you will understand their real expectations, fears and hopes for the next years to come and drastically enrich your market segmentation and personae.
  • Human resources issues: You will understand the citizen values your employees stand for in their daily life and be able to analyze to what extent these match up with your organization’s values.