Customers & Consumers

There are always ups and downs in every relationship. This is also true for the relationship with your customers or consumers.

LISTEN® helps you understand and constantly improve your :

Customer Decision Journey

Understand the Customer decision Journey with a focus on customer needs, not on improving a process

Reveal the stages and touchpoints that influence customers’ choices

Monitor the evolution of the performance at every stage

Use journeys to deliver value to both the customer and the brand

Customer Lifecycle Management

Generate insights to increase the satisfaction and value of the customers

Validate/refine the drivers to improve the customer experience & the brand loyalty

Identify cross-selling opportunities (product and/or services) in relation to new and existing customers

Moreover LISTEN®  accompanies you to

Understand the usages & attitudes of your prospects & customers

Gather shopper Insights (through observations & exit interviews…)

Manage mystery shopping programme

Profile & deliver unique customer/consumer Segmentation 

Create value-added personae