Well-being & engagement

Our main goal is to provide organizations with a human-oriented pespective and to ensure full employee commitment and performance within changing environments.

The driving force behind our strategy is the ability to listen to multidimensional employees and to take into consideration their aspirations and fears, behaviors and ambitions not only as employees, but also as citizens or ambassadors of your company !

Well-being as a key driver to boost the engagement and performance of your employees.

While many players focused on psycho-social risks, absenteism, stress or burnout, LISTEN® identified workforce well-being as a true opportunity to boost organizational performance. It is a complementary but positive way to boost the energy of your workforce and to prevent health issues.

Following two years of extensive research and development, LISTEN® recently launched a unique process to identify the key drivers that influence the well-being of your employees and to measure their impact on their engagement and on their individual and collective performance!

This diagnosis analyzes the impact of the overall well-being on five areas: engagement, cooperation, creativity/innovation, efficiency and physical & mental health, while keeping in mind that well-being is closely linked your personal well-being and to relations with colleagues, the manager and the organization.

Our model has been scientifically approved by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). This process includes: initial diagnosis, guidance in implementing the action plan and monitoring (real-time or periodically).