Employee Journey

From recruitment to wellbeing at work, LISTEN® is your partner in the different stages of your employee journey.

Brand reputation

What is your reputation in the labour market? Is your company attractive and does it favour recruiting top talent?


With a fully customised recruitment platform, we can help you automate most of your tests and select the one with the competences and human values you are looking for.

On-boarding & social connectedness

We can assess the on-boarding phase through individual or collective interviews. The idea is to gather all valuable insights regarding the way new talents have been welcomed, trained, involved in the working process and in the team as well as aligned with the organisation.


How is the learning process evolving? Do the employees have learned the necessary competences? What other skills do they need to acquire? How satisfied are they about the learning process? With our tools, we can help you answer all these questions.

Performance evaluation solutions

Here again LISTEN may design the platform dedicated to the assessment of the employees.

It can be developed either for one-to-one interviews or for 180° or 360° evaluation systems to be put in place.

Career development

Once integrated in the company, competence tests can be used to evaluate career developments. You will then be able to identify if the employee is a good match for a promotion or what competences he/she still needs to acquire. You can also measure the employee’s expectations in terms of career development.