Brand culture & values

Organisational and Brand Culture

Several studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between the culture of an organization and the reactions of employees such as their stress level, their degree of absenteeism and their involvement in the organization as well as their level of performance. The culture of an organization therefore also has an important impact on the HRM policy. If it implies that a balanced well-being policy is compromised, one should ideally analyze the organizational culture and improve it where possible.

At LISTEN®, we have developed a validated model, which we can use to assess in a first instance the different dimensions of your organizational culture. As such, we can identify where possible changes are necessary in order to improve the overall performance level of the organsiation. In second instance, we can accompany you to determine what kind of changes are key to realise a performance improvement.

Corporate and Brand Reputation

A Corporate Reputation is the image that people have of a specific organization. Not just the image of “any person”, but the image of specific stakeholders of an organization: there is always a link between the company and its stakeholders. A Corporate Reputation develops over time as a result of consistent action. It is reinforced through effective communication. A Corporate Image, however, can change in a short time, e.g. by one campaign or incident.

At LISTEN®, we have developed a sound research process which will allow us to map your corporate reputation. So, we will identify four dimensions that are at the basis of it, i.e. the Corporate Personality, the Corporate Behaviour, the Corporate Communication and the Corporate Symbols.

Based on Structural Equation Modelling, we can as such calculate your Corporate Reputation Index which we can also benchmark within the different departments of your organisation or which you can compare with other organisations.