Listen is interested in your holiday…

2. Tourisme_Mars 2015

For 2 years, Listen is participating in an international study program on tourism and bringing together twenty market research agencies in the world.

Where did you go to last year? Did this trip meet your expectations? Where will you be leaving for this year and why? These are the questions that we asked our compatriots.

Here are the key findings: for trips from 2 to 3 days, Belgians prefer destinations close to home: 30% headed to France while 28% remained in Belgium, 14% went to Spain, 12% to the Netherlands and 11% to Germany. France also maintained the first position for longer trips.

The podium of the destinations for the coming holiday departures in 2015 remains similar. However, we note that less than 1 Belgian out of 10 will cross the border of Europe and 34% have no holiday projects planned in the coming months…

The choice of destination would be mainly driven by the desire to visit the tourist attractions and sights rather than playing sports or relaxing.

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