LISTEN® has collaborated closely with Wide, a leading institute for social trends, since 2006. Wide developed the MASTERTRENDS® methodology to identify and follow leading social trends that affect the majority of our population and to track any major changes likely to affect our society (today and tomorrow). Starting with a general analysis based on frequent contact with different opinion leaders and close observation of global trends, Wide then narrows down the analysis by holding discussion groups in major European cities. Wide helps many organizations define their specific strategy. 

LISTEN® and Wide developed TRENDProfiler, a unique trend-quantifying methodology to incorporate citizens’ expectations and behavioral trends in consumer and employee profiles. It will help you determine the civic profile of your employees, both in terms of mass and upcoming trends. It will also help you to understand the civic values your employees stand for in their daily life and to analyze to what extent these match up with your organization’s values.

TRENDProfiler was created in 2007 and its development has continued ever since. Surveys have been adapted to the specific business sectors and companies we work with.