Change management

Change is first and foremost a process that needs to be describable and explainable and it must be followed-up on. Employees take change very seriously. However, whereas managers often put organizational and rational change first, providing support following a change is equally important. Reactions to change can be diverse and decision-makers don’t necessarily know how to handle them. This is why our team of professionals will help your teams deal with change in a positive and effective way.

As change is quite predictable, our CHANGEIQ tool offers you the possibility to evaluate change at specific moments during the transition process.

This tool will help you assess:

  • Prior to the change:
    • Your employees’ level of openness to change.
    • Your company’s customer orientation
    • Your team’s support for new corporate visions, projects and values.
    • Your employees’ level of understanding of the collective and individual objectives to be met in order to turn change into success.
    • Communication needs (content, frequency, etc.)
  • During the change, at regular time intervals:
    • The awareness and realization rate of the objectives linked to the suggested change.
    • Your employees acceptance of the changing environment
    • The satisfaction level based on the different priorities and levels of the powers in place.
    • The transition rate between the past and the present (decision impact, etc.)
    • To extent to which the change promoters are able to convey meaning to the suggested change.
  • After the change:
    • Regular monitoring