Can your stress lead to a burnout?

4. Burnout_Mai 2015

Our research agency just achieved a survey about stress and burnout among a representative sample of the working population (N = 600).
Here are some key figures:
71% of workers feel stressed every day. The most stressed are employees.
The origins of this stress may be at private and / or professional level. Workers feel more professional stress because of the perceived pressure of the workload assigned to them and the deadlines. Note that respondents can experience both positive (48%) and negative stress (52%).

Disturbing finding: one worker in five is currently experiencing or has experienced a burnout and among workers who have already suffered a burnout, 60% of them still feel very stressed at this point! Could this stress lead to a new burnout? Yes, according to 55% of them.

How to fix this?
Stress and burnout are new plagues and an upstream approach for promoting the well-being and performance is the best way to prevent these risks.
Want to discover the results of this study in more detail (risk profiles, backgrounds, levers, risk of recurrence …)? Want to promote well-being? Or to obtain a diagnosis within your organization? Contact us at or 04 / 229.85.50.