Over the years LISTEN® has developed strong expertise & methodologies in branding strategy, customer relationships & experience as well as in new product & service development & launch.

Employees are also the best ambassadors of your brand and have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. That’s why LISTEN® has developed powerful and actionable tools for internal diagnoses.

LISTEN® has enjoyed strong development and growth in both marketing and capital asset management so that today, it works with more than 100 key players across different sectors, in particular FMCG, mass distribution, pharmaceuticals, automotive, banking and insurance, and energy.

Our Mission :

Our team of Experts will help you achieve your objectives more effectively by improving:

  • Your understanding of the internal dynamics between Clients / Consumers / Resources and their key drivers by implementing ad hoc and innovative research programmes
  • Your internal business intelligence processes in a highly pragmatic way

Spririt & Values :

Efficiency, pragmatism, proximity, speed and proactivity are the pillars of the LISTEN® culture.

These are more than just words: they are the foundations that allow us to demonstrate and prove what differentiates us!

It’s through proving these VALUES that LISTEN® plans to continue its growth:

  • Innovation
  • Responsability
  • Respect
  • Solidarity